Strong, contemporary, and recognisable design is crucial to the success of any business. Your logo and visuals summarise everything your brand represents, and can either make or break the engagement of customers with your services. In this day and age, where the design market is oversaturated with amateur work, it is more important than ever to invest in professional, bespoke design work. When it comes to my interaction with clients, I believe in absolute transparency, meticulous detail, and extreme care and consideration towards every step of the design process. The below timeframe indicates my minimum standards when dealing with commercial work. I offer three design packages for clients to choose from, and each step of the process is implemented thoroughly. Once a project is complete, I also then offer a once-off complimentary check-in with the brand in order to assess the impact and growth of the design, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting.



At the first phase of the design process, a free consultation is offered in order to discuss your project goals and visions in detail.

You will then be sent a short questionnaire to fill in which will direct the development of your tailored aesthetic. Once this has been delivered, a timeframe and final quote will be sent to you

+ Brand analysis

+ Questionnaire

+ Timeframe

+ Quote


Once a rough vision has been generated, you will be sent a contract and invoice to to sign and deliver within 7 business days. The deposit is 20% of the total estimated quote and is non-refundable.

While this documentation is being completed a mood board will be generated as well as a secret Pinterest board to share with you which further supports the vision discussed during the consultation.

After receiving the contracts and deposit, the drafting stage begins, which includes initial designs and developmental sketches.

+ Deposit & contract

+ Mood board

+ Idea generation

+ Sketching




This stage is the primary focus of the design package, where your designs come to life. During this stage, regular communication is to be expected in order to refine and perfect your vision.






+ Initial concepts

+ Edits and retouching

+ Client discussion

+ Samples


In the final stage all drafts will be refined digitally for use in print and digital. Champagne and Moonlight packages also receive bespoke social media strategies tailored to the need of individual clients. The Moonlight package is the only option which includes full business branding, a completed style guide, and confidential Business Development scheme.

All deliverables will be transferred via WeTransfer or Dropbox. An invoice will be issued with the transfer which must be paid within 24 hours.

+ Refinement

+ Final PDFs and PNG IMAGES


+ Invoice & payment




Alexia Brehas currently offers a choice of three design packages created with the intent to elevate and grow your business. Sunkiss offers a basic design standard suited to emerging businesses or individuals. Champagne is created in mind of businesses wanting to take their projects to the next level. Moonlight is the most extensive and professional package for your business offering all integrations including a fully developed style guide, social media strategy including relevant hashtags and recommended feed themes. The Moonlight package also includes a Business Development scheme, which is an additional PDF outlining next steps, business strategies for growth, and samples from my Web Design packages.



1 hour consultation

Styled mood board


1 final logo concept










1 hour consultation

Styled mood board

Business card design

3 final logo concepts




5 professional photographs






1 hour consultation

Styled mood board

Business card design

3 final logo concepts

1 full style guide

10 branding graphics

2 weeks remote tech support post deadline

15 professional photographs

Social media strategy

Business development scheme


Please Note:
Your initial 20% deposit is non-refundable. If at any point during the design process you should choose to cancel your package, a cancellation fee applies. This fee is 30% of the total quoted price of the project. All terms are clearly stated in the contract which you are required to sign and deliver to Alexia at the Conceptualising stage of the process.

I’ve worked with many different professionals and it’s difficult to find people who have the perfect balance of creative input/direction while allowing me to create something that works within my own brand. Alexia works with an incredible attention to detail and didn’t leave anything unexplored in our project; could not recommend her highly enough.
— Joey Cirillo (singer-songwriter)