Alexia is a trained and educated graphic designer specialising in fine art and illustration. Her abilities extend to a variety of disciplines including branding, photography, writing, and content creation. Alexia has worked with a number of organisations and individuals on creative projects, and is available to offer the following services. Please read through Alexia's skills and expertise below, and use the contact form available here to confidentially discuss rates and terms. If there is a project you feel Alexia would be suited for but do not see any information on this page, please contact her directly at to discuss your request. Please note that all below prices are indicitave of a generalised package and are subject to change depending on the specific needs of your project.



Using a stippling method, Alexia's artwork is composed of thousands of dots to create highly detailed and tonal portraits. Please note that Alexia's portraits and fine art works are very rarely made-to-order, and she is only able to accomodate serious buyers for commission requests.



Alexia offers logo design and branding packages that are all inclusive for businesses and organisations to create a dynamic visual presence. A strong and consistent image is integral to the success of  any brand or individual. Alexia offers three design packages to choose from. Follow the link below to learn more before sending through your enquiry.



Alexia's work is widely sought after for tattoo designs. She is available upon request to communicate with you regarding your specific tattoo idea in order to bring your vision to life. All designs are delivered via PDF online for use as reference with your tattoo artist.

Rates: $50  :  flash tattoo
          $80 : linework design
          $110 : palm sized dotwork design
          Please get in touch via the link below for a free consultation about your tattoo design.



Alexia has experience writing in both the journalistic and creative fields. Her writing places a focus on rich detail and description, with a particular interest in travel writing, opinion pieces, and storytelling. Alexia is available for commissioned articles, blog contributions, editing and proofreading work.

Please get in touch via the link below to commission Alexia for your project.



Alexia's photography aims to capture the subtle, muted tones of life, stripping away the excess and focusing on people existing within their environment. With a particular interest in portraits, Alexia's work reflects authentic, intimate and candid moments.

Please get in touch via the link below to commission Alexia for your project.



An experienced and skilled social media content curator, Alexia is fluent in multiple digital platforms and softwares, and has the ability to communicate a strong voice and distinct visual scheme to make your brand recognisable and appealing. A clear, contemporary and well functioning website is integral to the success of a brand or individual.

Please get in touch via the link below to commission Alexia for your project.