MAY 18

This two-minute project documents the three facets of Melbourne living, from a thriving, cosmopolitan city, to the coastline dotted with piers and palm trees, and further out from suburbia, the deep mountain ranges filled with towering tree lines and sunken valleys. This short film was shot in collaboration with local filmmaker and photographer Corne Cilliers, as an attempt to capture a brief snapshot of Melbourne life as we experience it in a visually dynamic way.


Nov 17 - Dec 17 - Jan 18

I spent three months living and working as an artist in residence in a remote fishing town called Skagaströnd in the far north of Iceland. The town, comprised of less than five hundred residents, was my home and workspace during three of the darkest, coldest winter months across 2017 and 2018. The barren and desolate winter landscape allowed me to strip back and narrow my focus, reinvigorating my practice with a renewed and pure perspective.

This three minute film is a compilation of the Icelandic landscape that led my artistic practice into minimalism and larger scales. Shot on iPhone.