In my experience as an artist, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a range of brands and create commissioned work for organisations who share a similar ethos to me. Many of these brands have B-Corporation certifications, support the development of creative youth, or advocate for increased sustainability and environmental awareness, which are all values I support and promote in my work and personal life. Follow the link below to view the packages I offer.


BioPak, a leading manufacturer of sustainable coffee cups available in most coffee shops internationally, collaborated with Project Okyo and myself in order to create this design for their BioCup Art Series. They contacted me as they aimed to work with artists who are passionate about the environment and use related themes in their work.

The artwork I produced was manufactured onto 250,000 coffee cups, distributed across Australia and New Zealand. The coffee cup paper was sourced from managed plantations and was certified carbon neutral, with a waterproof bioplastic lining, which is made from a plant-based annually renewable resource.

Many of our sea creatures are being harmed from the dangerous waste products that are regularly thrown in the sea, and my artwork aimed to highlight the essential role marine life plays in our ecosystem, so that we may become more conscious of minimising our waste and preserving our sea creatures.


Imagine managing your period with bark or missing 39 days of school every year. Millions of people who menstruate around the world face this reality every month, with discussions on the subject often hushed or taboo. Working in collaboration with Australian social enterprise Tsuno, Australian artists were selected to illustrate period euphemisms. I exhibited this piece alongside local artists including Ambivalently Yours, Auf Wiedersehen, Beci Orpin, Carla Mcrae, Coco Star Sims, Filthy Ratbag, Frances Cannon and Leona Fietz. 50% of the sold price from every work contributed to funds for the International Women's Development Agency to provide sanitary goods and funds to communities in need.


Express Media is a leading youth arts organisation promoting the development and publication of writers under the age of 30. Voiceworks Magazine is one of the various outlets Express Media facilitates, publishing the writing and art of young creatives across Australia, and providing each submission - successful or not - with targeted feedback. These works are a small sample of an ongoing relationship with Express Media, ranging from visual branding design for various programs, brochures, online events and certificates, to strategic plans and magazine covers.

The logo design for the Kat Muscat Fellowship was a standout project to work on, as I was asked to create the logo and branding for the award which aimed to commemorate and pay tribute to the late Kat Muscat. The Fellowship is awarded annually to a young female-identifying or non-binary person, whose work embodies the core values that Kat supported, of feminism, empathy and defiance. This logo was created in conjunction with the artwork I created for the cover of Voiceworks Magazine Issue #102 'Defiance'.


Graphics and original artwork for a number of brands, organisations and awards.


Working with local musician Joey Cirillo, I spent several months conceptualising and creating the graphics, logo, branding, and original artwork for his debut EP cover as well as single covers, social media collateral, and assorted digital graphics.


This personal project aimed to explore the boundaries of my creative practice by expanding my artwork beyond the confines of a page. Using found objects, I painted mandalas and patterns on the objects as a means of adorning them in a body modification style. Particularly drawn to mannequin parts, this series continued on with my focus on people and human experience, in a more physical and experimental manner.