Falling for Trentham / by Alexia Brehas

With a population of just over 1,000, Trentham is one of those towns that screams ‘escape.’ Driving through the main road, we were met with quiet, empty streets filled with quaint bakeries and quirky antique stores. But our main goal, and undeniably one of Trentham’s biggest draws, was Trentham Falls.


Cascading over thirty metres tall, Trentham Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Victoria for its size and seclusion. Surrounded by basalt columns and lush greenery, the Falls are very easily accessible just a few metres from the designated car parking. The weather was looking unfavourable, with intermittent rainfall and a chilly breeze. Surprisingly, this ended up in our favour as the cold weather and strong wind resulted in a spectacularly strong rush of water plunging from the falls.


While there is no access to the top of the falls, due to unstable surrounds, we wandered along the walkway which provides uninterrupted views of the falls. But, in true form, that wasn’t quite good enough for me and my gang of fellow adventurers, as we stepped off the designated trail and hiked down to the base of the falls. (Note: please only do so with caution. And definitely not during slippery, rainy seasons, as we did).


In saying that, there was something to be said for the unbelievable beauty we encountered at the base of the falls. Mother Nature in all her raw glory showered us with strong spray from the base of Trentham Falls. The waterfall poured down in one great wall, the crash of the water sounding like deafening white noise surrounding us. And yet, the base was as serene as it was violently powerful. Lush greenery and smooth, large rocks created a beautiful and remote place where we could simply stand and gaze in awe.


The town of Trentham has a lot going for it, particularly for those wishing to seclude themselves amongst nature. And if Trentham is on your bucket list, be sure to make a pit stop at Trentham Falls if you’d like to view an impressive display of natural power in full force.