New Year's Resolutions (a manifesto on art and life)

If it feels like every year gets wilder, more beautiful and more terrible, it's probably because it's true. As we grow, we are more exposed to current affairs and experience constantly changing environmental, global, and political climates. 2016 has been a challenging year for a lot of us, but I also feel that I have become stronger, more independent, and happier than ever before. I covered the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival and allowed my creative practice to expand into fashion, beauty and style. I completed two internships, had my first solo art exhibition, and worked with some amazing clients. Relationships ended, changed, and formed. I learned to fend for myself. I'm entering 2017 with an open and hopeful heart, and I can't wait to see what's in store.

2017 New Year's Resolutons / A Manifesto On Art and Life:

  1. Respect your creative practice, no matter what it is.
  2. Keep your workspace clear at all times.
  3. Always work with music in the background.
  4. Stay true to your aesthetic.
  5. Love yourself.
  6. Project love into the world.
  7. Eat a good breakfast every day.
  8. Engage with other creatives from different disciplines.
  9. Leave your home and studio regularly. Inspiration strikes outdoors.
  10. Work hard and work often to hone your craft.
  11. Be receptive to the universe. Learn more about space and astronomy.
  12. Have many muses and lovers in your lifetime.
  13. Visit the ballet, the opera, and the theatre.
  14. Light more candles.
  15. Explore extremes. Visit a desert and a fjord.
  16. Move with the tides of the sea and the orbits of the moon.
  17. Create work that will outlive you.
  18. Never be idle.
  19. Read often and learn new philosophies of thought.
  20. Look at the stars in the night sky.
  21. Listen to yourself before all others.
  22. Be boundless, be infinite, and open your heart to any possibilities.