Alexia is a multidisciplinary artist who specialises in fine ink drawings comprised of tens of thousands of dots, as well as delicate metal engraving work. Her practice is grounded upon clarity of intent and consideration to detail within all work. The presence of negative space acts as a secondary subject on its own, married to the meticulous detail of the artwork. 

This harmony of parallels is reflected within the artist, who works within a consciously limited world of black and white. Alexia's work embodies an appreciation for the sublime, transient beauty of nature, myth and ritual, while also exploring its direct counterpart in mass manufacturing and consumerism. Coming from a background in art and graphic design, both the artist and subject matter attempt to reflect this uneasy relationship. Alexia's work conveys the nature of art as sacrosanct; with compositions reflecting the uncanny and andriod-like depictions of models in glossy magazine editorials. 

Alexia experiences her environment through a deeply sensory lens, and has dedicated her life to expressing her passions and memories through the mediums of paper, metal, photography and words.