Alexia Brehas, circa 1995, July edition.

The work produced by the artist is precise, deliberate and delicate. Each dot on a page and each line engraved onto metal reveals a strong sense of consideration. The art is comprised of two counterparts: the simplicity of negative space is married to the detail of the dotwork. This too is reflected within the artist, as she is comprised of parallels. She holds a keen interest in the quiet, sublime and transient beauty of nature, while also possessed by a fantastic imagination and curiosity for folklore, myth and ritual. Her experiences in life are deeply sensory, and she has dedicated herself to conveying her passions, fears, dreams, and memories through her artwork.

Ingredients: white space ; black dots ; may include metal

How to use: approach the work with intimacy ; look closely to properly appreciate the breadth of the stippling and consideration for fine linework techniques

Do not discontinue use if overcome by a sudden desire to roam the forests and seas in search of mythical beasts.