Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, currently based in Melbourne, Australia, and regularly travelling across the globe, the work of Alexia Brehas is deeply shaped by her experiences with place and people. Working exclusively with ink on paper and delicate metal engraving work, Alexia specialises in fine ink drawings comprised of tens of thousands of dots. Her practice is grounded upon slow, thoughtful process, as each work takes weeks to complete.

Alexia works within a consciously limited world of black and white, embedded in the practice of minimalism. Her work explores the tonal dialogue between two hues in order to create form. The inclusion of negative space in her work is highly crucial in order to allow the works to breathe. Alexia's process is technically complex and laborious, demonstrating that the journey is integral to the destination. With a particular focus on portraits, Alexia's work explores the offbeat communities and subcultures across the globe, influenced by creative research undertaken in new environments.